Easily Disable Hyper-V To run VMWare and Virtual Box

Hyper-V is the evil. it doesn’t allow you to run VMWare or Vbox. I had this issue that Virtual Box was telling me that I don’t have VT Enabled in my BIOS, Atleast VMWare tells you that it is incompatible with Hyper-V.

Hyper-V might be installed on your System with some other app, like Visual Studio. Anyway The way that I usually deal with this problem is to disable it, not to remove it. it’s much more convenient to run a single command and Disable it.

To disable hyper-v run this command in your Command Prompt (as Administrator of course):

To enable it back:

This works on Windows 8 and Above. Hey don’t forget you need to reboot your machine for the changes to apply.

Keep SSH Sessions alive in Linux

It was back in 2013 when I posted something about how to set a keep-alive for SSH sessions in putty. Well if you are in Linux and you are using the SSH client shipped with it to connect to your servers you might want to do the same too. Getting your connection lost is really annoying.

Well the cure for this is to edit ssh_config file which is placed on /etc/ssh/.

Open it and add this lines to it after Host *

that’s it, your client will send a keep alive request to the server every 60 seconds now.

Disable SELINUX permanently

Disabling SELinux is necessary to run many of applications and services such as webservers and etc. The easiest way to disable SELinux is the famous command of “setenforce 0”. while this command disables SELinux fast but it does not provide a permanent solution.

To disable SELinux Permanently you need to make changes to “/etc/selinux/config” file.

Open it in your favorite editor, I use nano so I’ll have to open it this way:

and find the line saying “SELINUX=enforcing” to “SELINUX=disabled”.

That’s it. save the file and you are good to go.


Root Moto G Lollipop xt1033

So I just upgraded to Lollipop 2 days ago and the first thing I have done after the upgrade was to root the phone! I cannot stand being unrooted. So here I’m going to list the steps that I used to root my Moto G xt1033 Asian.

after installing Lollipop you will have the default recovery, most of the time you need to flash a custom recovery before rooting your phone but luckily Chainfire from XDA (@ChainfireXDA) has released an auto root script that can do the job for you within 1 minute which you can download it here.

Step1. Reboot your phone into boot loader.

Step2. Connect your phone to your Computer using USB.

Step3. Move to the Folder You downloaded and extracted the Auto Root Script.

Step4. Open root-windows.bat file, (if you are running Mac or Linux you need to use the other supplied files.)

Thats all! you are now rooted! reboot your phone and enjoy the power of having root access over your device.


upgrade rooted moto g xt1033 to Lollipop

well few days ago I received the system update available for my Moto G from Motorola. They supplied the stable OTA update to MOTO G users. Well I obviously could not use get the OTA as I was rooted so I had to flash it with fastboot manually.

Assuming you are rooted then you have your bootloader unlocked so all you need to do is to follow below steps:

(remember to backup your data, you will lose everything by doing it. & this is only tested on xt1033 and the firmware link supplied with this post is only for xt1033 asian model. I do not take any responsibility for the damages that this may cause to your phone.)

Download The Lollipop Firmware for xt1033 from Here and msfastboot from here. Extract both of them in the same folder, reboot into your recovery and connect your Moto G to your Computer, Make sure you have the USB drivers installed.

Open CMD inside the Folder and run following command:

Make sure you dont miss any of the commands, after executing the last one your phone will reboot and boot in Lollipop Firmware. the first time it may take abit long on Moto G Logo. don’t worry and wait.

Thats all, You are on Lollipop now, there are few users reported issues which mostly could be fixed after a factory reset. so it’s suggested after you upgraded your Firmware through the above tutorial do a Factory Reset from the Settings menu.

Enjoy New Lollipop on Your Moto G xt1033.


How to solve Lockout caused by CPHULK

nothing is more annoying than when you are locked out from your own server by cPhulk, Well this plugin is to ensure your server protection against bruteforce attacks.

there are many ways to flush cpuhulk blacklist and get into whm again using SSH, but to me the best option was to temporary disable cphulk and then get to WHM and remove my ip address from the list manually.

So if you wanna do it in the way I do it, you must login to your server using ssh and run following command:

by executing above command you basically disabled cphulk service, but you should know it will go back live again in around 8 minutes, so basically you have 8 minutes time to login to WHM and sort of your lockout issue.


Entropay suspended my Account due to imaginary chargebacks


it was almost a year that I was using Entropay, not in a big size but for small transactions. All I had done through them was less than 200 bucks within this year. I was using them to make payment to some merchants which I didn’t want to provide them my real card numbers. Anyway on 13th of November after I reached home I found an Email coming from EntroPay in my inbox that is saying “Your Username is (X) and Your Account is Suspended.)

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