Usage of Expert Systems in Medical Diagnosis

A medical diagnosis expert system can be used in doctors waiting room and patients can use the touch screen to answer symptoms questions. The system will search for the diseases and symptoms and will result a list of possible diagnosis that can help the doctor for further investigations.

What are the advantages of Medical Diagnosis Expert System?

  • It helps the doctor on saving time, so doctor will not need to ask about each symptoms the patient is facing by himself.
  • It will give a suggestion of diagnosis to the doctor based on the information in the database
  • It clearly has a higher amount of information in the memory than doctor, so it can save up doctors time in searching.
  • The knowledge base of this system can easily be extended or updated.

What are the Disadvantages of Medical Diagnosis Expert System?

  • It may be hard to describe symptoms to the computer program
  • It lacks of human touch, means personal checkup of the doctor out of symptoms.
  • It relies on basic level of skills from users.

What is an Expert System? Advantages and Disadvantages of it.

Well the exam I have to sit tomorrow made me to post this, as I gathered these information after studying alot of slides and website, I thought it would be nice to publish a clean summary of information here, these may help you in your studying if by any chance you have to pass such module in future.

What is an Expert System?

An Expert System is a computer program coded to simulate knowledge and behavior of an individual or an organization which is expert in some particular field, usually all expert systems contain a knowledge base which is accessible by a set of rules depending on specific situations. Among the number of expert systems the best examples of they can be named as Chess Game or the medical diagnosis expert systems.

What are the advantages of them?

  • The knowledge base can be updated and extended
  • They can contain a large amount of information

But the disadvantages are:

  • They are not able to learn from the mistakes
  • They cannot creatively come with new solutions for the issues
  • It’s not easily achievable to mimic the exact knowledge of an Expert in Computer Programs

 Components of an Expert System:

an Expert System contains of 3 components, which are User Interface , Inference Engine and Knowledge base.

I become a panda, an elephant and a blogger

as a part of change every time there is an exam coming for me I promise myself to start studying like a first class student and finish everything up the night before exam and go rock it, but my 23 years life experience shown that I can never achieve that in the frame I want it to happen, when there is an exam coming I start loving to sleep and feeling tired the whole day, I start feeling hungry everytime I open my slides and I also start feeling like posting something on my blog like a pro-blogger. damn it, I should straight my mind and get back to that Artificial Intelligence subject. it’s a killer task to memorize all those stuff about expert systems, robots and history of them.

wish me luck people!

why multiple updates appear at the same time on Google Play?

It always was a question for me that why application updates on android phones comes together in bulk? it has been like this for me ever since I started using android on my HTC ChaCha. Suddenly Google play shows the notification that some updates for some apps are available, but it never happens for 1 app only, atleast 3 app are involved in each Play Store update notification.

Have you faced the same thing? do you know the reason? if you do then leave a comment so me and other users may know too!  icon smile why multiple updates appear at the same time on Google Play?

So Yahoo keep asks me to change my Password

yahoo logo png So Yahoo keep asks me to change my Password

The recent issues I’m having with my Yahoo id is annoys me somehow, since last 1 month I have been asked by Yahoo team on my other email address to attempt for changing my Password as they say it’s a security matter for them as my account might be in danger due to the security incident that happened to them.

This is the 4th time I’m forced to change my password after receiving this “Your Yahoo Account” subjected email with following content:

Hi Mahdi,

The safety of your Yahoo account, mahdi.hazaveh, is important.

We’re asking users to change their passwords due to recent security incidents online. While Yahoo systems were not affected, we may take extra precaution and lock user accounts when we detect unusual activity.

Please sign in to Yahoo and change your password.

But in some points I feel this is happening when I’m using 3rd party IM client apps to use my Yahoo account like IM+ and Pidgin.

Well as long as I can remember what I’m choosing for my new Yahoo password I think i can bear with it until this issue comes to an end.



Google Chrome is Showing Blank after Page Load on Android

google chrome 250x250 Google Chrome is Showing Blank after Page Load on Android

It seems a lot of android users are reporting the bug that shows a blank page in Google chrome after the page loads. in this topic in Google forum more than 200 user has posted the similar issue they were facing on their phones. This issue seems to be first occurred at July and although Google chrome has given out different update versions this issue is still persist.

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How many of you have trashed your unpublished posts within 5 minutes.

well yeah that happens to all of us when we are posting something in Facebook, Twitter or other social networks that we remove and rewrite our status multiple time before posting it online, but how about the blogs. It has happened to me alot while I was talking about some subject in a 500 words article and I am sure I was certain about posting it, but all of sudden I change my mind and I totally trash it. I’m not talking about editing it and reposting it in another way, I just delete it like it never existed! Well that’s a fact it happens because I decide not to post it anymore but why does it take me to write it all down then only find out I’m giving it up, and I don’t want to talk about it! that somehow feels like getting close to someone you having a crush on then suddenly you skip the talk and forget it away! is that called as self-censoring? or maybe self-awareness of how stupid the topic I was writing about was!

I’m not sure about the answer for this one yet.