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Moto G XT1033

23 Apr

Well it’s been a while that my Little HTC chacha died, I still have the internal memory I bought for that rooting tutorial though. Currently I’m using MOTO G which I guess will be my smart phone for the new decade, I mean until it’s death comes around.

Well for those who have no idea what this device actually is, I should say that it was the most high spec and handy device for me within my budget.

I’m using both my Maxis and uMobile simcard in it, it’s the dual sim version which is known as xt1033.

I’ve got it unlocked and rooted, check some of these screenshots.

wpid wp 1398219773687 168x300 Moto G XT1033 wpid wp 1398219769569 168x300 Moto G XT1033 wpid wp 1398219763379 168x300 Moto G XT1033 wpid wp 1398219756624 168x300 Moto G XT1033



22 Apr

Sometimes I really wanna hit my head to the wall hardly. This feeling of regret, shame of being an animal. Last night I was shouting at her. It was quick. Took me 5 minutes to come to the point of asking for forgiveness. What a cheap act of me. I’m angry these days. Tired and broken, I know life is trolling me hard, but I’m trying harder, trying to prove that I’m not goanna lose. It’s not for me, I’ve accepted the lose, I don’t know why am I still trying so hard to prove my power to people around me. I guess I only meant a small group of them. Maybe 2 or 3, yeah only my parents. I’m abroad here being bullied by life over and over. And yet still I pretend everything is on schedule, smooth and fine going. I think I’m getting used to it, it’s been like this ever since I made a goal in my mind. I’m facing drains, deep drains, and I have to fall in each, and get broken every time. But I can’t ever get used to this choking feeling of regret, for breaking a heart maybe, or making some tears to sink. No, I can’t, no matter how many times I tell you I’m sorry, or you tell me you’ve forgiven me, I can’t pass this one easily.



04 Feb

Passing this endless killing flow
I can see people around me
All of them running and moving
Like there are ants around their colony
I’m standing here, frozen and quiet…
I can’t hear them…
I saw their lips moving… but what are they even saying…
I burst my eyes open… found myself all alone on the bed
Driving at night to nowhere…
I’m out in the crowd… but I feel all alone…
I hate the way that they look at me… it’s like I’m a wanted person…
It’s like I’m a murderer… I am feeling a touch…
Turned my head into a girl with long hair staring and smiling at me…
I’ve asked her if you are an angel…
She did not replied…
How could someone have that shine in her eyes?
I’m drowned deep into my thoughts… was she really an angel?
While seeing her picture fading away and getting far from me…
I’m feeling afraid… I can feel the people staring at me again

Sigur Ros Ebow
Dark Poem By Me



The 2013’s last note

31 Dec

its 31 of December 2103, the last day of the year. I’m here far away from my country sitting on my desk writing this right now. the sun today is a bit more annoying than the other days, a bright sun but a cold day. I don’t know how come every new year last day of the year is like this for me. a day like any other day of the 2013, but it feels its wasted, somehow I cannot do anything but waiting for the countdown moment. I usually have the same feelings on my birthday, I don’t know is it a kind of butterfly or what, some wired feeling on my stomach, a kind of butterfly that I don’t love. People started their early happy new year greetings already, I can see a post like that in my Facebook news feed every while. Its always great the new year, something new, new goals, promises and wishes. But I hate it somehow,

I discontinued this note once the lunch time came along. hope you all have a great day.

Happy new year…


Linux ls to show file size in GB or MB

15 Dec

Today morning I was with one of my friends, and we were trying to figure something then we reached a point that he did a “ls” command to see the file details and sizes, well he used “ls -l” a very good and useful command but then I find him strugelling with calculating the file size, so I guided him with the h extension. In Linux most of the times when you are dealing with file sizes you can use h extension which stands for human readable. so what its very easy all you have to do is to add h to end of your switches.

like this:

so the result will be something like this instead of showing bytes:

Hope it’s helps you someday.



How to get a free phone

08 Dec

I’ve also came across this question, I think all of us came, not only about smartphone, but sometimes we really think with ourselves that if it is possible to get what we want for free? Well the logical answer for all these kind of questions is, nothing can be achieved for free. It’s the utter truth that you have to pay for anything you want to get, it does not mean it has to be the cash kind of payments. Well yeah, money always matters, with money you can buy almost everything but some other times we pay other stuff to achieve our goals. Selling your feelings, time or even body, we get everything in our daily life based on what we are paying for. Anyway lets not go so far from the main title of the post. Well it’s obvious that you have to pay for everything you want to get, but sometimes you can try your chance for contests to win your wish. Unfortunately I have never been lucky enough to win something in any contest, but I never gave up trying. Anyway all these were some sort of introduction for the website I am going to introduce to you. 1Clickwinner is some sort of offer directories that lists the online contests and freebies available for users to get. Well mostly freebies and contests are based on location desired by the contest runner. for example a branch of a brand is giving away some freebie to users coming only from their origin country. 1clickwinner lists all these offers based on country. I believe the idea is nice and creative. it’s simple as 3 step of opening their website, selecting your country and choose from the gifts available.

There are different kind of gifts available in there such as phones, laptops, tablets, gift cards and other freebies.

Hope you enjoy it.


the endless road

25 Nov

902292 10201266394165616 936204742 o thumb the endless road

I can still hear your voice…

right inside my mind… while I’m walking…

looking on my steps… counting them somehow…

leaving, leaving to reach the lights…

I know they are out there somewhere…

puffing the cigarette…

your voice is still there…

I’m still walking… to reach the lights… in an endless road…

Mahdi Hazaveh
Nov 25th


My Story with

22 Nov

image thumb My Story with

Hey there, about a week and half ago I started using this advertising network called which is claimed to be the Adsense competitor from Yahoo and Bing. Yeah it’s true, this is a partner with Yahoo and Bing, so it could be one of the greatest news of my day! I joined run into their website and fill in the registration form and until the day that I got my approval I was keep praying to god and wishing like a kid who wants something foolish for his Christmas gift.

Well I got my approval after around 4 days, it was great! the account manager emailed me the details and asked me to contact him in case I had any problems or questions! I logged into my account once I got the email and started to make my ad units as I was expected.

I put the advertisement on the blog! right now at the moment I’m posting this the ads are still running in my blog! the revenue earned by is based on a ratio called RPM. well the RPM in my case was 2.0$ it meant that every 1000 impression of their ads would get me 2$. well it sounded so good to be compared with infolinks and other ad networks I am currently using. So I was happily earning around 50 cent per day since my blog visitors are not that huge! and I was happy with it.

after around 4 days of successful earning something bad happened, the ads were being shown but the RPM turned into 0 from 2. it means my website worth nothing! and there were no revenue for the impressions of ads! it is like I am advertising them for freely!

it sucks! so all I did was to contact my account manager through email and his response was like “Hey Mahdi, believe me you are doing great and soon in next few days the numbers will be changed”. it’s already 4 days passed from the matter and the RPM is still on 0.

I’m confused with this matter, I will be posting about it once I got any response or something.


Remove site from Bitdefender Blacklist

22 Nov

112213 1135 Removesitef1 Remove site from Bitdefender Blacklist

Secure your every bit, is what they say but well sometimes it hurts too. Long ago on this blog there was some sort of iframe injected, better to say my blog was hijacked by malwares, and since then seems bitdefender blocked my website. All the users who were running this anti-virus program were seeing a warning before entering my blog which meant I lose a lot of potential visitors. The malware did not last long on my blog because I did actions that had to be done once I saw the notification from the Google Webmaster tools, but seems the bitdefender list is not capable of re-checking the websites and remove those which are not harmful from the blacklist. Few days ago (more than 8 months after the malware thing) one of my friends who is using bitdefender told me that he cannot access my blog and he described the error for me. It’s the time when I found that they have blocked me, well I was kind of pissed and I knew the only way to get rid of it is to contact them! What is worse than that was there are no contact options for guests in their website and there is no email address stated for contacting them! It was a bit not technical, anyway I tried my chance and sent an email to and it turned out that this email existed. They turned my email into a support request, after few hours they replied me and said they send my address to their lab to check. They also provided this URL which allows you to submit your URL and asked me to use it in future cases.


Goodbye to Winamp

22 Nov

112213 0525 GoodbyetoWi1 Goodbye to Winamp

Most of old computer users know Winamp as one of the very first favorite media players that played a lot of songs for them since the old time. The Sad news of today is effective from December 20th 2013 the legendary MP3 software will officially get retired. AOL has given up the media player it created in 1999. The software will no longer be hosted on Read the rest of this entry »